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5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Don't make these email mistakes

Nobody is ever going to do everything correctly, no matter how skilled they are at a particular task.

This is especially true dealing with a genre like an email marketing; there are many different things that can go quickly wrong, things that you’re not even aware of.

One of the best ways to ensure that your email marketing is successful is to work to avoid those many mistakes along the way.


A huge mistake a lot of new marketers make is that they’ll send out messages without paying attention to a subscribers time zone.

At best, an email sent at a bad time won’t be read. It will just be ignored and ultimately lost.

At worst, you’re going to infuriate your contacts when you send them emails during work, during dinner, on the weekends, etc. Try to learn people’s schedules so that you won’t run into a conflict.

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Another big mistake that even skilled email marketers make is when they use words that are targeted by strict spam filters, like those found through G-Mail and Yahoo.

Words and terms like “Act now” and “Apply online” and terms with the word “Free” in them might just trigger a sensitive spam filter.

You have to be careful about what you’re writing. If one of your mails ends up in a spam filter, it’s likely that it will never be read.


Email marketers who are also proficient with systems like Photoshop and GIMP and who know how to create GIF images get a little carried away at times.

They’ll construct emails entirely out of images. This is great if your subscribers’ connection and hardware allow for quick loading.

But if the subsribers’ internet speed isn’t up to par, they might not be able to see the message at all. So you have to make sure you have live text in there that can be read via a strict HTML version.


You have to learn the difference between an email to solicit an action and a landing page. Some marketers make the mistake of constructing their emails too much like landing pages and web articles and reviews.

This happens when a marketer attempts to explain the entire product or service within a single email. You have a website for this.

The email is just to entice the reader to take action. You will link them to a destination where everything will be explained properly.


Like it or not, not every member on your contact list is going to want further emails from you. Many just sign up with you to see if they can get something for free.

After that, they want out. Not providing a clean and quick opt-out feature will give you a bad reputation and will really turn off your readers in general.

Even the ones who don’t necessarily want to leave will feel as if they’re being scammed if they ever notice that an opt-out option isn’t there.

Avoiding common mistakes will help you to level up your email marketing game. The more mistakes you dodge, the more likely it is that your emails will have a big impact on your business.

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email marketing mistakes to avoid

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