How To Start A YouTube Channel Without Recording Videos

Grow On YouTube

This was actually thread I published on Twitter. If you prefer to read it on Twitter. Click here

How to make money with YouTube

Tools you’ll need

  • Pexels dot com
  • YouTube Audio Library
  • Internet Archive
  • iMovie (or any video editor)

I’ll also share the video I made using this method in the end.

Step 1

1 Go to Pexels dot com

Go to explore & click free videos

Search “drone footage”

Download a few clips you like.

It’s free and Copyright free. These video works best in motivation, inspirational, affirmations etc niches

Step 2

Go to YouTube audio library Search “motivation”

It’ll pop up a few motivational music tracks, pick the one you like & download it.

I’ve used “Please” in the video below. You can pick the one you like.

Step 3

Go to Internet Archive Then click on Audio Search “self-confidence” (or anything you like) Filter results with Audio files only

Download the audio file you like Don’t worry it’s Copyright free I’ve used “positive affirmations” in my video

Step 4

Open iMovie or any video editor of your choice Import all the video, music and audio files. Adjust the duration of your video and ( 3 to 5 min is good) Stack … Video Music Audio Your video is ready. Import it.

Step 5

Upload it to YouTube. Add the right tags and description. Find big accounts (50k to 100k followers) in your niche. Reach out and pay them to promote your video. or Just wait to get some organic traffic. Add a link to your product or affiliate link in the description.

Step 6

If you do this consistently and use the right YouTube SEO, you’ll get to your first 1000 followers and 4000 views sooner than you think That’s when YouTube will start showing ads and paying you Motivation, Inspiration, Affirmation, Meditation are very huge niches. Leverage

That’s it. If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel without recording yourself, this is the way to do it.

If you’ve any questions, please leave a comment below.

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