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How I Made $100k+ Selling eBooks (This is my story)

$100k Selling Simple eBooks

I’m an Architect. Which means, I knew nothing about selling online when I started.

However, I had a blog. A men’s fashion blog. Yeah, I’m into fashion. Just out of passion.

I didn’t intend to make any money from it. It was a passion project. I was curating the outfits I liked and occasionally wrote my thoughts about how men should dress.

One day, I read an article somewhere that talked about selling ebooks. I always thought “writing a book” means writing 300 pages. But that article showed how I can write a 20-page ebook and sell it. I was blown away.

I decided to give it a try. So, I literally pasted the article in a word document, added a few relevant images, converted it to a PDF. It was 13 pages. Half of those pages were images. No index, no formatting. Nothing. It literally took me an hour to do it.

First I gave it away for free to my subscribers. They loved it. After a few days I decided to put a price on that. $2. Honestly, I was scared as shit to put a price on a PDF document. I felt like a scammer.

I sent the links to my subscribers and boom … made 3 sales the same day. I didn’t have a large list. It was around 500. I couldn’t believe I made $6 (98% of that was profit) from selling s PDF.

I was hooked. Learned more. Improved the ebook. Increased the price from $2 to $9. And I sold more. It was crazy. I felt like I found a fucking gold mine. In a way I did.

At that time I was also posting on Instagram. I grew my following from 0 to around 20k followers. I started promoting my ebook on IG. Sales grew. 2 to 5 sales a day. $20 to $50 a day. It was crazy.

All of these happened in a matter of 2 to 3 months. Now, I was convinced that selling ebooks is a legit business model and I can make a bank doing that. I started focusing more on growing my IG and email list.

Slowly my sales were going up. From 2 sales a day to 10 sales a day. From 10 sales a day to 30 sales a day. One day I got 73 sales. $700+ in a day. It was crazy money. Never expected. Never thought selling ebooks can be so profitable. I was blown away.

I kept on improving my sales copy, product images, and pitch. Made more money. In the last 2 years I sold 14k copies of the ebook I created 2 years ago. That’s more than $100k+ in ebook sales.

Since then I’ve created 20+ ebooks and sold way more. But to this day I sell at least 10 copies of the ebook I created 2 years ago.

I could get these results even when English is not my first language. I’m not a good writer (yet). I’m not a world-class expert on the subject. It’s crazy how simple this is.

On top of that I achieved all of the above while running a full-time architectural agency. I used to work at night for about 2 hours every day. That’s it.

If you’re working a 9-5, you can do it too.

Even if you only make $1000/month. That extra $1000/month will change your life in ways you can’t imagine.

That’s exactly why I push everyone so hard to sell ebooks. It’s life-changing money. Without working crazy hours.

The game is stupid simple. Anyone who’s ready to work can make this work. It’s no rocket science. It’s a system.

I’ve systemized the entire thing. I’ve documented everything I did to go from $0 to 6 fig in ebook sales. All the moving parts in a simple step-by-step system.

If you’re ready to take action. Follow the process. Put in the work. I can help you make life-changing money selling ebooks.

I’ve created a step by step game plan. 

Learn …

“How To Create And Sell eBooks For A Living”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
how I made $100k selling ebooks

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