How I Make 5 Figure On Twitter Without Being a Good Writer

Make Money On Twitter

Believe it or not, Twitter is a money-printing machine.

At least for me.

I ignored Twitter for 8 years. I thought it’s politics, ego-maniacs arguing over dumb shit.

Then one day I found Money Twitter. I was blown away to see people making an insane amount of money on Twitter. It was life-changing.

I decided to give Twitter a try. I started @hustlencoqnuer in January 2019. I was excited. Hopeful. Started dreaming about making $1000’s.

I hit a wall immediately. No one was liking or RTing my tweets. No one was following. I tweeted like crazy. 20 to 40 times a day. Nothing happened. No one cared. No one noticed. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

I gave up. Maybe I was right. Twitter IS trash. Maybe all the people claiming to make money on Twitter are scammers. I deleted the app from my phone.

But for some reason, the thought of people making money on Twitter didn’t leave my mind. I thought, maybe I’m doing something wrong. Let me try again. Installed the app.

Started tweeting again. Nothing. No followers, likes, RT’s. Obviously no sales. Gave up again.

Didn’t do Twitter for months. But me being a stubborn ass, I tried again in August 2019. I had 22 followers. Yes, in 8 months I only managed to gain 22 followers. It was crazy painful. If you’ve ever tweeted at the wall, you know the feeling.

But this time, I decided to be more strategic about it. Instead of tweeting randomly, I decided to study the big players. Closely observe how they are playing this game. Learned a lot. Took a lot of notes. Crafted a strategy.

And boom … I started growing. 22 followers to 44 followers in a week. 700+ in one month. 1300+ in 2 months. 4000 in the 3rd month. 10k in 6 months. Now, I’m at 19k+ (+ 5 more accounts with 12k+ followers)


I’ve documented my entire process in my Guide Insider Hacks To Twitter Money

From “how to pick the right niche” to “how to write tweets that get you engagement and followers” to “how to monetise your twitter account”

In one year I went from 22 followers to 30k+ followers. From $0 to 5 fig income. All thanks to Twitter. It’s been a game-changer.

If you’re ready to put in the work, freedom is for sale. It’s yours for the taking.

You bring the hustle and persistence and I’ll give you a proven strategy.

Let’s make Twitter work for you.

Now, I sell this guide for $50 on my Gumroad store ( You can check)

But because you’re reading this post, you can get it for just $15

==> Get My Twitter Guide For Just $15

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