How To Make $3000/Month Selling eBooks

Let’s do the Math first

  • Average profit per ebook sale = $20
  • Average number of sales required per day = 5
  • Average traffic required to get 5 sales a day = 150 Visitors on sales page
  • $20 x 5 = $100/day
  • $100 x 30 = $3000/month

Now that you know your numbers, let’s go deep and learn how you can achieve it.


This step is important especially when you’re just starting out. You miss this step and it’ll be harder for you to make money with ebooks.

Three most profitable online niches

  • Money (Make money, save money, invest money etc)
  • Health (Build muscle, lose weight, eat right etc)
  • Relationships (Dating etc)

Now, if you’re a beginner, I recommend you start with Money Niche.

It’s the easiest of them all. Nobody will tell you this, but if you want make quick money, help people make more money.

I can write all day why Money Niche is better than all, but I don’t want to waste your time. Trust me and go with the Money niche.

Just learn a high-income skill and teach that to people. Alright?

Here’re a few high-income skills you can learn

Pick any one skill, master it and teach that to other people. You’ll make money.

So, stick with Money Niche, alright? Trust me on this.


You’ll need an audience to sell to right?

I recommend you start with Twitter. Because it’s the easiest to grow. Trust me, I’ve million+ followers on IG and almost 450k+ on Pinterest. And I think Twitter is the easiest to grow.

Here’re a few tips to grow on Twitter

  • Have a solid bio. Benefit driven bio and add a link to your landing page or product page. Use A.I.D.A formula to write your bio.
  • Stick to your theme. Let’s say you’re into eBay flipping, don’t tweet about politics and your dog. Only tweet tips and tricks related to eBay. You can share some mindset and productivity tips if you want.
  • Find 10 to 20 big accounts in your niche. These account can be in any money making niches, not necessarily in eBay niche. Create a PRIVATE list and add all these accounts to that list.
  • Engage with these big accounts. Comment 20 to 30 times on their best performing tweets daily. Don’t skip this part, this is the only way you’ll grow fast. Your goal is to get RT’s from big accounts.
  • If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to post your own tweets more than 3 to 5 times. Focus on engaging with big accounts.

These tips will help you grow past 1000 followers easily. Do it consistently and you’ll see results.

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Now you’ll need to build a landing page and offer something of value for free.

You need to collect emails of your followers, so you can sell your products to them via email.

Here’re the steps

  • Create 3 to 10 page ebook that solves a problem related to your main product. So, if you’re selling eBay flipping ebooks, your ebook should be related to eBay flipping only.
  • Create a landing page using Carrd. It’s free. Use A.I.D.A formula to write the copy. Offer your ebook for free in exchange for an email.
  • Put a link to your landing page in your bio. Also promote your landing page daily multiple times on your timeline.
  • Collect emails daily. With 100 to 500 followers you should be able to get average 30 subscribers daily. That’s 900 subscribers every month.
  • Send value based emails with your offer to your subscribers at least 3x per week.

Let’s do the math for one email

  • Send email to 900 subscribers
  • 30% open rate = 300 open
  • 5% clicks = 45 clicks
  • 10% conversion rate = 10% x 45 = 5 sales per email
  • eBook cost = $20
  • Potential revenue per email = $20×5 = $100

Now imagine doing it consistently. This is easy money.

It’s a numbers game. The more subscribers you have, the more money you’ll make.

If you’ve any questions related to this, you can always me DM me.

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I see a lot of people on Twitter struggling with this.

They’re afraid to sell. Don’t do that. Promote your offer as much as possible, promote daily multiple times.

However, please make sure you promote your offers only after you cross 1000 followers. Till then keep promoting your free offer.

Remember your goal should be to bring 100 to 200 visitors daily to your sales page daily.

Twitter’s average conversion rate is between 3 to 5%. So, if you can bring 100 visitors a day to your offer, you’ll make 3 sales.

That’s 3 sales x $20 = $60/day + Sales from your email marketing

You’ll easily hit your target of $3000/month.

It’s not that difficult, just follow the process, put in the work and you’ll see results.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

Let’s make this happen guys. Take action.

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